Fashion Colors Opaque Qualatex latex Balloon 6 pack


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Fashion Colors Opaque Qualatex latex balloon pack (6) Colours may vary to main pic.

Qualatex  - The Very Best Balloons - are helium quality latex 11" balloons are highest quality helium balloons worldwide. Dearer than other brands, they provide optimum performance with or without hi-float. However, when working with any brand of helium filled latex balloons, be prepared for wastage, as defective balloons pop under inflation or leak quickly once filled. Always overcompensate with numbers of balloons and helium when ordering.

Float time (average):

latex helium filled balloon is 5 to 7 hours. (approximately 6 to 10 hours for Qualatex)
latex helium filled balloon with ultra hi-float (sold separately) is up to 7 days.

NOTE: All balloons may be inflated with helium or air. The consistency of the latex thickness and the cleanliness of the manufacturing balloon moulds from minor dust flecks and other micro materials are 2 major factors influencing best balloon performance. Both latex balloons and foil balloons leak helium through their "skin", with latex leaking helium 8 to 10 times quicker than foils. Leaking is due to the small size of helium molecules compared with the substantially larger size of air molecules.

"Helium quality "for latex balloons refers to the balloon's capacity to lift once inflated with helium. Balloons not rated "helium quality" simply means that the balloons will be too heavy or too small to provide "lift", once inflated with helium.

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